Who We Are

About Education Action in Crisis

Education Action in Crisis (EAC) is a youth-led national NGO in South Sudan with registration No. 4794. EAC works to create a lasting solution to the education crisis in South Sudan, especially for those affected by conflict and displacement.

Our goal is to work with communities, government, and partners to bring the joy of education to the most vulnerable sector of our society.

We implement programs that improve the quality of education, psycho-social support, peace building, governance and civic education, policy & advocacy for gender equality (Victim-Survivors Support Groups) and human rights recognition.


To be recognized as a lead non-profit of excellence, role model and authority in quality education in South Sudan.



  • To play an active role in creating awareness and advocacy for literacy in South Sudan.

  • To provide quality education by strengthening the human resource capacity of teachers and learners emerging from post-conflicts of South Sudan.

  • Seek to provide free and quality education/training for our teachers and learners.

Our Core Values

Our Values -ACTION

  • Accountable –We are responsible for our actions and the people we serve.

  • Commitment We shy less but act more, even in times of crisis, and are determined to achieve positive and transformative results at all costs.

  • Transparency – EAC does not hide behind secrets. We are bold in our successes and failures alike.

  • Infinite – EAC has no limits or boundaries in education.

  • Openness – EAC is sensitive to all human challenges and believes education is the solution, so we serve honestly and diligently.

  • Newness –EAC prides itself on using new ideas, technology, and methods to tackle education challenges

Our Services

What We Do

  • Provision of Scholastic Materials- We provide learning materials such as books, exercise books, pens, chalks, professional teacher documents, uniforms, sanitary towels, benches, and sports equipment to remote schools free of charge.

  • Civic Education- We engage communities and raise awareness on important issues such as human rights, the rule of law, Gender-Based Violence, community cohesion, the dangers of early and forced marriages, the importance of girl child education, and the importance of self-reliance.

  • Support Girl child Education- We provide materials needed to sustain girl child in schools and identify, track, and initiate rescue plans for girls forced into marriage or marriage at an early age against their will. These girls are given a safe space and supported to continue with their education if they desire.

  • Teacher Empowerment- A teacher is the key to success at EAC. We placed the teacher at the centre and worked alongside them by asking and listening to their concerns and needs and responding to those requirements. We provide training, coaching, and mentorship to teachers.